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*Starting February 10, Burnaby: Leadership: Content and Culture Lenten lunch series: South Burnaby United's noon hour Lenten lunch program is an opportunity to share across denominational lines in the season of Lent that is important to the whole Christian Family. Each session begins with soup and a bun at the cost of $5 and includes many interesting and inspiring speakers.  Proceeds from this lunch will go to a Burnaby housing/poverty initiative.


*February 21, Vancouver: Black history month tribute concert: Canadian Memorial United Church presents “Shed a Little Light” featuring Terrance Kelly – Director of the Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir - and Vancouver’s own Universal Gospel Choir. Come acknowledge and celebrate the spirits that soared in the midst of oppression and the songs that brought about great strength and indelible change. Let this concert be not only be a chance to look back, but to also look forward. Concert at Canadian Memorial United starts at 7:00 pm and is free to attend.


  *Lent is Coming: Resources from the Prayer Bench: The Prayer Bench is an on-line ministry where you can show up as you are able, bring your whole self, and just be present. The Prayer Bench offers regular reflections for whole-hearted living.   Email retreats to support a green and growing spiritual life. Spiritual studies for individuals or groups, to deepen soul knowledge. Check out  website and the offerings for Lent. Prayer Bench is hosted by Janice MacLean, and is a Chignecto Presbytery Recognized Ministry, The United Church of Canada.