Rev Dr Richard Chung
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"Hybrid & Embedded"

-the Vision for Here and Now

Based on  Acts 10: 1-16

Theme: The Great Vision


Starting with Peter's vision of a blanket coming down from the sky and the command to "kill and eat", the mission toward non-Jewish people on the earth began.

In other words, Peter had a hybrid vision, to bring every diverse people on earth into the Kingdom of God - to reach outside the lines.

When God gives a vision to church, it's always a hybrid vision - a dream to reach outside the church door and to be embedded into the world, into our neighbourhoods.

As the church goes outside its door into the neighbourhoods, as it proclaims the message of Jesus Christ,  the church is shaped by the neighbourhood it serves.


Recorded June 24 , 2018

at the 10 am Worship Service

of Knox United Church Vancouver

Preacher: Rev. Dr. Richard Chung