Rev Dr Richard Chung
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Cracking The Code Sermon Series : Part 5 of 7     

Text: Revelation 10:1-11

Sermon Title:  “Eat The Word”


When Apostle John was about to ask for the little scroll from the seventh angel, he said to John, “Take it, and eat; it will be bitter to your stomach, but sweet as honey in your mouth.” (10:8)

"Eating the scroll" is a vivid metaphor for the way in which the prophet, then or indeed today, can only speak God's word insofar as it has become part of the prophet's own life. It may be nourishing; it may be bitter; it may be both. This is part of what it means to say that God desires to act in the world through obedient human beings. Prophecy-speaking words which bring God's fresh order to the world-is one special aspect of the larger human vocation, and here John and we,  shoulder that responsibility.

So, what does it mean for us to “eat the word”?  


Recorded June 9, 2019
at the 10 am Worship Service
of Knox United Church Vancouver
Preacher: Rev. Dr. Richard Chung