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Jesus was a refugee.

That’s how the story goes,

fleeing with his mom and dad

in the night from his foes.


Newborn in his parents’ arms,

he left nativity,

on the run, in search of peace,

far from captivity.


Refugees—the same today,

all yearning for new life,

leaving countries so war-torn,

escaping from the strife.


Refugees—we welcome them

as they begin anew.

We show hospitality

and love in what we do.


—John Wesley Oldham #7727. Metre is roughly 7676.

A note from the author:

The Gospel according to Matthew (2:13–18) is the only gospel that has this refugee story, and one wonders if Matthew or those before him created this story after the fact to connect with the Hebrew writings of Hosea 11:1; Exodus 4:22; Jeremiah 31:15; etc. Matthew has many quotations from the Hebrew writings as he tries to connect Jesus to them.