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Recently the Vancouver Sun ran several articles on a United Church Minister from our neighbouring church, Dunbar Heights - Rev. Richard Bott.

Excepts from those articles follow with a link to the full stories and the Godgod Survey and Results:

Rev. Richard Bott, thought it worthwhile to check out Vosper’s rather bold anecdotal contention: “It would be at least upwards of 50 per cent of the clergy in the United Church who don’t believe in a theistic, supernatural God.”

The Dunbar United Church minister thinks data is important. So he surveyed more than 1,300 United Church of Canada clergy to ascertain their views on God and related metaphysical issues.

Bott’s survey found a range of understandings of divinity among the 1,353 United Church ministry personnel who took part.

What was the take-home finding?

“While how they believe and what they believe is wide and varied, almost 95 per cent of the United Church ministers who responded to the online survey were clear — they do believe in God,” Bott says.

In addition, his survey found that “a large number, almost 80 per cent, affirm belief in a ‘supernatural, theistic God.’”

What may prove most interesting over time is not that the results contradict Vosper, but that they reveal the “wide and varied” beliefs that Christian clergy hold about divinity.

You can read the entire article here: vancouversun.canadian-clergy-choose-alternative-views-of-god

and a second article here: rev-gretta-vospers-atheistic-claims-dont-hold-up-on-fellow-clergy

Rev. Richard Bott's SURVEY and RESULTS can be found here: