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May Gavel Grapevine & Minute 4 Teams

It feels like only a few days have passed since the last Gavel Grapevine blog update, but here it is, May 7th already! 


The Board has a working meeting coming up on May 11th.  This date has been reserved to focus on a plan for Team Covenants.  If you belong to a team, you may have already heard about this topic from your Chair.  We worked on the concept during our leadership retreat on April 8th as part of increasing communications and building our trust in God and in one another, as we approach the future together.  Please listen for updates in the coming days on the Covenant plan.

The Board continues to work on Policies, tackling them as the need arises, or as we discern it’s a good time to re-look at something already established.  We are very grateful to Joanne Tench and Gloria Candido, who take the lead in this area (what a team!).  Although Joanne is no longer a part of the Board she remains part an informal subcommittee, working to ensure our policies are up-to-date and effective. 


With a highly successful Thrift Sale behind us, we continue to have opportunities to engage with our neighbours.  One such way is with the temporary adoption of Oakridge United Church’s grand piano, while they go through their development project.  We anticipate the piano’s arrival, along with OUC’s brass handbells and bell stands, on May 31, 2017.  The Worship team is already thinking about a blessing plan for the piano. 

Summer Spirit plans continue, and Rev. Liz has been enjoying the collaborative work that she and a myriad of other church leaders are accomplishing on a summertime worship plan.  We hope to be providing details soon, but in the meantime, please know that the last two Sundays of August will involve worship here at Knox.


We’d hoped to have an update for you by now on the closing of our land sale, which really does seem to be in its final days.  City Hall continues to need i’s dotted and t’s crossed, and the Building Committee has been keeping the Board updated as we navigate the intricacies of rezoning and multiple occupancy permits.  In the meantime, the Board, Finance Team, and Trustees have been working together to better understand Knox’s financial future, as well as financial avenues that will be available to us with the sale of our land.

The Board held an excellent conversation on UCC Remits at our last meeting, and are feeling prepared for the next round of remit votes.  This will take place at our June Board Meeting.  If you have any thoughts or questions for the Board to consider before its vote at our June meeting, please connect with any Board member.  We’ll be glad to listen.


Want to know more about what the Board is up to?  Our meetings are open, meaning any congregation member can attend.  Dates are posted in News & Notes and on the website, and minutes are posted on the bulletin board outside Rev Liz’s office.  Our Gavel Grapevine blog is archived on the Knox website.  Just click the blue search button and type “gavel grapevine”.