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A big THANK YOU to everyone who attended the Annual Congregational Meeting last week.  Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive regarding the road ahead, and the Board is thrilled that everyone has become so energized. 

If it seemed like we’d be able to sit back and focus on Lent during March, that hasn’t been the case.  Plans are already in the works for a Board Planning meeting and a Board meeting at the end of March.  The Lenten Lecture series is being promoted, and Thrift Sale prep is ramping up (the bin is ready for your donations!).  Plans are also underway for the Leadership Retreat on April 8th.  You are all welcome to attend the retreat, so if you’re part of a team, please let your Chair know you’d like to attend.  If you’re a member-at-large, please email Susan.  This is a team-building and goal-setting event for teams and the congregation.  Time is TBA, and the location will be Knox.

We’re also seeking a few interested parties to attend a UCC workshop on Amalgamation, which has been scheduled for the same day as our leadership retreat.  This workshop will be held at Crossroads United.  If you’d like to represent Knox, if you don’t mind missing the leadership retreat, and if you are interested in the topic of amalgamation, please email your team Chair or Susan.

We’re so very excited to promote the new “Donate” button on our website.  Any visitors to the website will now be able to make donations to Knox via their credit card.  During Lent, you will also have the choice to donate to Knox or to the Lenten / Easter Special Appeal.  Thank you to everyone who played a role in making this concept into a reality…

…“And where will my Lenten / Easter Special Appeal donations go this year?”, you might be asking yourself now.  The Board, in conjunction with Sharon Copeman as (acting) Chair of Stewardship & Social Justice, has identified that the global refugee crisis continues to be a major challenge all around our beautiful planet.  This Lent, your Special Appeal donations will go to the United Nations Refugee Agency to provide shelter, emergency aid, medical care, and nutrition to refugees in over 125 countries.

We’ve been experiencing some issues around wifi and email in the Fellowship Centre recently.  If the technology gremlins have affected you in any way, we thank you for your patience while we work to evict them from the premises!

While March unfolds, we’re anticipating a few more happenings, including (dare we say?) the issuance of a development permit by the City of Vancouver, the arrival of the grand piano which we will store for Oakridge UC while they are in development, and the unveiling of our new newsletter format.  Don’t forget to attend the workshop on UCC Remits on March 26th, and if you haven’t already, now is a great time to register for the Drumming Workshop with Milton Randall on April 2nd.