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The April 8th Leadership Retreat turned out to be a very energizing event for everyone involved.  The Board owes a big debt of thanks to everyone who organized, facilitated, and participated in this big day.  Key topics for the day all tied to the 2017 theme of Knox’s 3-year plan – Knox, Neighbours, Next:  team covenants, growing our web ministry, the Minute for Teams concept, and the proposed weekday Drop-in Program.  There’s a lot of work to be done to bring this 3-year plan to fruition, and the Board is dedicated to continuing its medium and long-term visioning for Knox’s future.  We’re also grateful that some leaders attended an Amalgamation workshop on the same date.  They’ll be bringing some of what they learned back to the Board in case it is helpful for us down the road.

As you know, your Lenten / Easter Special Appeal donations will go to the United Nations Refugee Agency this year to provide shelter, emergency aid, medical care, and nutrition to refugees in over 125 countries.  Gifts can be made up until April30, 2017, so if you’d like to contribute, please click the donate button or use an Appeal Envelope from the sanctuary pews. 


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Can you believe the Thrift Sale is just days away?  We hope you’ve marked your calendar and completed your spring cleaning.  The Thrift Sale is not only our biggest annual fundraiser, but it’s a fantastic opportunity for friends, family, and neighbours to join in the fun.  This year, St. Mary’s Anglican Church is having their sale on the same day, so Thrifters will have huge rummaging potential in our neighbourhood.  This could be big!

You may remember the Summer Spirit program in which Knox participated last year.  Many of the west side Vancouver United Churches worshiped together, in what turned out to be a very positive community experience.  Knox’s Worship Team and Board have both supported participating more fully this year, so Knox will lead worship twice, here at our sanctuary.  Please watch the website and News & Notes for updates.


Since the last Gavel Grapevine update, the Board has focused on preparing for remit votes, as well as the April 8th Leadership Retreat.  If you’ve been reading up on the Remits (which you can do on both this website Click HERE and the UCC’s websites), and would like to offer feedback to the Board, there’s still time.  The Board will discuss the remits at our April 20th meeting, and will submit our remit votes on behalf of Knox sometime after that.  Debra is our “Remit Champion”, and would welcome your feedback by phone, email, in person or through the MESSAGE US button at the top of each page of this website.

While April unfolds, we’re anticipating a few more happenings, including (dare we say?) the issuance of a development permit by the City of Vancouver, the arrival of the grand piano which we will store for Oakridge UC while they are in development, and the unveiling of our new newsletter format. 


Want to know more about what the Board is working on?  Our Board meetings are open, meaning any congregation member can join any meeting.  Dates are posted in News & Notes and on the website ahead of time, and minutes are posted on the bulletin board outside Rev Liz’s office.

Our monthly Gavel Grapevine blog can be found on this website.  Just use the blue search button to enter “gavel grapevine”.  Articles date as far back as November 2016.