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Reported by Helen O.

The Heart of Christianity, the Knox UC Exploring Faith Study for the Fall and Winter is proving to be a most interesting study.  We are exploring newways of looking at our faith.

We are using the book “The Heart of Christianity - Rediscovering a Life of Faith”, by Marcus Borg. His writing challenges us to look at old perceptions of what we thought it meant to be a Christian. In so doing, he introduces us to an emerging new paradigm of Christian faith, giving us reason to think about how our faith may have grown into something new over the past years.

We meet weekly on Tuesday - late afternoon for a simple supper together at 4:30pm. The study starts at 5pm and finishes at 6:45, leaving time for those who wish to attend Chapel at 7pm.

If you can’t make it for the light supper, please come at 5pm for the study. Approximately 18-20 people have been attending each week.

We have discussed: World Views of God and Concepts of God, as well as the Character of God - both perceived and as we personally believe it to be. We are presently studying Chapter 6 of 12 Chapters.  We'd be pleased to have you join in anytime.

Questions are encouraged as we explore some challenging new views of how we may think about Jesus and what our faith means to us today. All are welcome.

***The study will break after Nov. 28th, to resume again on Jan 9/18 and will finish on Feb. 6, 2018. For further information, please contact Michelle McMaster - or any member of the Exploring Faith team via 604 261 3747 or through the MESSAGE US BUTTON on the top menu bar of each page of this website.