Rev Dr Richard Chung
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 “Did I Miss Anything?”

Scripture: John 20:19-31 (Reader’s Theatre)

 with Rev Dr Richard Chung and the Holy Comics: Sandra Trueman, Frances Herzer, Phil King, and  Alan MacKenna

Holy Humour Synopsis:
The Risen Jesus appeared to the disciples who were stuck in the Upper Room in fear of being discovered by the Roman authority. And he showed them his wounds, spoke to them and ate with them, and assured them. They were overjoyed. When Thomas came to the Upper Room, the risen Lord was not there. Thomas was missing in action, missing in the most important event in his life, and he doubted. But then, the Risen Christ appeared to Thomas, and told him to touch his wounds - and he believed.

The Risen Lord comes to us even now, in the midst of our terrible despair and fear. The Risen Lord comes to us to assure us and show us the way forward and onward where he is calling us to proclaim the good news of his resurrection to the people who are in the midst of their terrible despair and fear of uncertain future.

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