Rev Dr Richard Chung
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Advent  4 (December 22)

Text: Isaiah 7:10-16

Theme: Love

Sermon Title: Just - Love the World


How does God change the world? God changes the world with a simple ordinary love.

The power that changes anything in the world - is love --- just an ordinary love. Don’t try to change the world. We are not called to change the world, but to love the world. Nothing matters without love.

The most incredible story ever told is that, the God of the universe, loved the world so much, that God came down to earth - as a baby. God became an ordinary baby --- and dwelt among us – Emmanuel, God is with us. And, through an ordinary couple, in an ordinary place, by an ordinary birth --- Emmanuel Love was born.

With that ordinary beginning, with that ordinary love, and with that ordinary baby, God changed the world.


We prepare for the coming King in our lives this season by:

Speaking (Voice),

Showing (Vision),

and Embodying (Virus)

the Peace of the Lord to the world.

Recorded December  22, 2019
at the 10 am Worship Service
of Knox United Church Vancouver