Rev Dr Richard Chung
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Lent 4

The theme this week was anger and the question posed to the congregation at the beginning of the service was

What makes you angry?”

It’s bit unusual to preach about “anger”  on Annual Congregational Meeting Sunday.  To speak about angry Jesus would have been not so appropriate. I know it’s not done often, but I’ve heard preachers speak about “anger” during church’s ACM and have often heard people making angry remarks during ACMs in the past.

Anyway, just for your information, we had an excellent ACM. No one was angry or blurted out “I can’t take this anymore!” So, I guess, it was a success. BTW, how did you like the (organ) sound effect for “I can’t take this anymore!”

So, what makes you angry?

What should you be angry about

--- really?

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Recorded March 11,2018

at the 10 am Worship Service

of Knox United Church Vancouver

Preacher: Rev. Dr. Richard Chung