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People, look East and sing today: Love, the Guest, is on the way!

Get ready!  Get ready!  While Advent is a time of waiting and anticipation, it's not a time to rest idle.  Awake!  Prepare!  Work!  Keep watch! 

Eleanor Farjeon, also known for her books and poems (and to her family for her vivid imagination), penned this hymn in 1928.  The traditional French tune Besancon provides a rousing backdrop to the work that must be done to welcome Christ into our midst.  

Why East?  According to scripture, Christ, like the sun, "comes from the east and shines as far as the west." (Matthew 24:27).  This is an image of promise, warmth and hope, echoed in the clean hearth, the barren fields, the emerging bud, the empty nest and the field of stars.  Everything must be prepared for Christ's coming; every peak, every valley and every home must be ready.  Although the eact hour is unknown, Love is about to arrive.

Questions for Reflection:

  • What "spiritual corners" of your life are now dark, awaiting preparation?
  • What fruit would you like your work to bear in the spring?
  • How is the church called to work now, to prepare for a future time where much is unknown?