Rev Dr Richard Chung
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Theme: Abide

Based on John 15: 1-8 (reference Genesis 2: 4-17)

God created the Garden of Eden, and invited Adam and Eve to play in that ancient playground. But we have lost that sense of “play”, and our life became all about “work” and working hard.

The new life in the Risen Jesus invites us to a life of play. The Risen Jesus desires us to abide in Him, the True Vine, through play. The old motto, “work hard” is replaced by the new motto “play hard and play well” - from work ethic to play ethic.

The Risen Jesus invites us to play. But there is a rule, a boundary line, in every playground, to enable every child to play well and keep her safe. Our boundary line is the greatest storyline that ever told. When we can align our life line with the greatest storyline of God’s son, we get to play well, bear many fruits and abide in the Risen Jesus, the True Vine.



Recorded April 29, 2018

at the 10 am Worship Service

of Knox United Church Vancouver

Preacher: Rev. Dr. Richard Chung