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A memory of words shared at an evening chapel service ......

“We remember, and give thanks for all that Knox means to us and all that we can give to others as we anticipate the days and months ahead 

Remembering that this is a special place...a Sacred Space ....a place of Hope; not because of who we are but because it is a place where people care ....a place where the Spirit calls us to be channels of Godʼs love. 

*We remember this day, this week, this month, this moment...and we give thanks to our Creator for the gift of life, the gift of beauty, the gift of friends and the gift of family....the gift of this place and time.

I was walking with my brother a few days ago along the trails above Spanish Banks, it was one of those beautiful fall days the ground covered with fallen leaves.  Along the way my brother paused to touch the soft green moss that covered a tree beside the path ..and I too paused to share the moment.  As we looked a little closer my brother pointed out the tiniest of perfect longer than half a fingernail...growing among the moss.  It was one of those shared experiences when you become aware of the amazing complexity and beauty of creation and remember what a privilege it is to be alive.... to enjoy and be a part of Creationʼs incredible universe.........”