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By Alan MacKenna

   (Inspired by many sources)

We give thanks for, and remind all of us what the gifts of our financial support bring to Knox and the community.

We give thanks for......

  The maintenance supplies, the gas and electricity, the repairs to our sanctuary, the new boiler that allow us to maintain our buildings and the ministries it supports.

For the vibrant life of our worshipping community, for the arts and choral events happening at Knox that bring joy, beauty and enlivened spirit to our community;
for the social justice activities and educational events that challenge the values of our materialistic society.

We give thanks for the financial support that allows us to continue our sandwich making program and our community lunch program... programs that respond to hunger, loneliness and a sense of belonging.

We give thanks for the fund raising that permits us to support First United and their work with the homeless and despairing. We are grateful for the donations that permit “the west side churches” to welcome and take care of our refugee families.

We are grateful for the pledges and donations that pay for the salaries and benefits of our faithful staff.

We are blessed with the work and energy of all our ministries ...their efforts supported by our pledges and donations. ....

 The Pastoral care team , the music program that brings beauty and vibrancy to our worshiplife; for our children's program, for our study program, our rip and stitch, the wonderful celebration of young people who use our premises every week; for our Preschool and the children who learn and grow in wisdom there and bring a joyful noise to our buildingevery week

We pray for our whole community of Knox named as ministers together in our ministry to the community and particularly for those in need.

We pray for all the ministries we support across Canada and the world through our M&S givings...

Theological education, pastoral charges, mission units in need, building right relations with Aboriginal peoples; research, education, and action on environmental issues; and partnerships with Christians throughout the world through the World Council of Churches and other ecumenical bodies.

We give thanks for the blessings we enjoy that allow us to bring financial support to all our we take risks and make commitments to follow the commandment given to us by Jesus:  “Love your neighbour”.

We pray that your Spirit will encourage us today at our Annual Congregational Meeting as we consider our plans and expenditures for next year.