Stewardship & Social Justice

Stewardship & Social Justice

The Syrian Refugee Crisis

Knox Stewardship & Social Justice

& the Syrian Refugees Crisis

 Five Knox members gathered to seek shared wisdom and begin discussion of how we might respond to the needs of the Syrian Refugees.  We want to keep you current on our thinking and process, and invite your input.  We recognize:

•    the problem is immediate, desperate, and long term;

•    donations direct to the UC’s M&S Fund (not via Knox) by individuals or families will be matched by the Canadian government;  detailed instructions and opportunity to donate are on the UC website at <

•    donations through the Red Cross and UNICEF will be matched by the Canadian government (we’ve been unable to confirm the tripling of UNICEF donations);

•    we need much more information than we currently have if we are considering sponsorship, and we are working to find wisdom in this regard;  The United Church of Canada has a wealth of information on this at <>

•    we feel the cost of living in Vancouver would be crippling for refugees, so teaming with congregation(s) from another region is an interesting idea;

•    currently, if sponsorship becomes a viable option, we would be interested in sponsoring a young family.

The members of the Knox Stewardship and Social Justice Team, along with others present, agreed that Syrian Refugees are our primary focus presently, and we will encourage giving through the Mission & Service Fund of the United Church of Canada.

We will be meeting regularily to continue our conversation.  You are welcome to join us to add your wisdom to the mix. Phone the church office for times 604 261 3747

Sharon Copeman — John Carr — Maureen Kinney — Adrienne Burton — Richard Dunsterville

 The Knox Board has determined that donations to the Thanksgiving Special Offering will benefit the UC’s Syrian Refugee Appeal.



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