Knox New Directions, Annual Report , Governance Chart

Pdfs for each of these reports are downloadable from this page

  • Annual Report 2016

  • Strategic Plan 2017-2020

  • Communications Strategy 2016


  • Governance Report 2015

  • Annual Report for 2015


  • Moving from Conversation to Action - Our New Directions
  • Steps in Faith is a new way of being in the life of Knox United Church through which the Congregation will continue to be transformed while being open to Spirit guidance in discerning an ongoing lively ministry for this faith community.
  • Reports from past years 

Your questions are welcome at 604 261 3747 or  Better yet, stop any of the congregation and ask us in person - we are always happy to chat with you.


Susan apple

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Gavel Grapevine (Board Blog) – April 2017

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