Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Please call 604 261 3747 . We want to help you.

The Pastoral Care team responds to God's Call to participate in the happy and sad events in our church members' and adherents' lives in consultation with our Minister.

The Pastoral Care Team has been trained in pastoral listening and spiritual care. 

  • We make phone contacts with those who are ill, or homebound, and we visit with them either in their homes, or in care facilities.
  • We make hospital visits on request.
  • We contact those who may be lonely or grieving, as we are aware of a need. 
  • We meet with the minister regularily to discuss the needs of the congregation
  • Healing touch is offered as well.

The Knox congreation is also very involved in Pastoral Care.  Keeping in touch with friends and neighbours and demonstrating loving conern to those in need.

Please contact the church office if you have a pastoral care concern or celebration so that our team can support you.


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