Exploring Faith

Exploring Faith

The Exploring Faith team commitment  is to build a strong spiritual development culture at Knox.

 Our aim is to:

  •     feel free to talk about our own faith journeys, share our uncertainties and confidences with mutual respect.
  •     engage as a group to build links between us as a community where it is safe to express beliefs, hopes, doubts and faith-encounters, in order to encourage and challenge each other in love.
  •     build a place to integrate our faith stories within the broader cultural perspective

 Our Explorations:

 This Fall and Winter our study is The Heart of Christianity, future topics are many, and we welcome requests. We hope you’ll join the exploration.

Please speak with the church office  604 261 3747 or email knox5600@telus.net  if you would like more information on joining the Exploring Faith Ministry Team.



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