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Project Update - January 2018

The final planning begins….. The Knox Building Committee met for their initial meeting of 2018 ready to begin their planning for the final stages of our Project.   Joining us for the first time as our Consulting... Read More

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Minute 4 Teams ~ Building Committee

 Report as of  May 19th, 2017 We have been advised that the City Planning Department has finished its work and now City Council will be asked to formally approve our application for a development permit. This should... Read More



May 2016.  We are pleased to announce that there is indeed good progress on the building project.  The Development Permit has been granted and we are at the point of filling out the "Trivia" questions  - 32 of them... Read More


Please have a seat.....

Check out the proposed chair design for new Building. In the short term, chairs like the one pictured will be used for the  Fellowship Centre and Vestry upgrade Read More

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Check out the Models

Take a peek at the  3 D models  of the Building Project that were on display during the Open House event held in the Fellowship Hall this month. Read More


Let there be Heat!

The Building Committee met recently to review bids for the replacement of the church heating system, and the winner is Clairmont Mechanical of Surrey. Coincidently, they have been working for Crofton House School ... Read More


Last Day Standing

Fleck Contracting completed its job of removing the hulking old boiler, all 6500 pounds of it, and hundreds of pounds of piping, etc. They used degreaser to wash down the walls and floor, and more cleaning work is... Read More

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Building Project Update ~ July 2015

While somewhat delayed due to design requirements at City Hall our building project is alive and well. It is expected that a development permit should be issued by year end with construction following shortly... Read More

Land development

Land Development Document

A document has been recently circulated in the Dunbar neighbourhood regarding the upcoming land development project.  You, yourself, may have received a copy of this document or you may have had questions from your... Read More



KNOX PROJECT UPDATE The final application for a Building Permit will be submitted by the developer to City Hall in January 2015. Given the time required to process this and obtain final drawings etc., it is possible... Read More