March 29, 2015

Knox United ≈ a Sacred Space Palm Passion Sunday March 29, 2015 Gathering with Palms in the Narthex *Please rise as you are able                                     +Remain seated   Prelude: ... Read More


Lenten Kindness ~ Day 40

Lent Day 40:  Count up the coins in your change jar to make your donation to Mission & Service at worship tomorrow. Practice an attitude of gratitude! Read More


Lenten Kindness ~ Day 39

Lent Day 39:  Go online and learn about our Mission and Service partners in India, China, Japan and Korea.  Hold them and their world in your prayers. Read More


Lenten Kindness ~ Day 38

Lent Day 38:  Leave a note of thanks and a treat for a teacher you know. Read More


First United Church News

PUT ON YOUR RUNNERS (AGAIN): Some of our indefatigable supporters shone their light on the Coldest Night of the Year for their spring fundraising efforts (for which we thank you!), however other stalwarts are lacing... Read More


Lenten Kindness ~ Day 37

Lent Day 37:  Less than a month to go until Knox's annual Thrift Sale!  Find a box and fill it with things you no longer need or use. Read More


Lenten Kindness ~ Day 36

Lent Day 36:  "No one has ever become poor by giving” ~ Anne Frank.  Give to someone in need today whether a hug, smile or a treat. Read More


Lenten Kindness ~ Day 35

Lent Day 35:  Make sure that what you buy today is Fair Trade.  Being a good steward means caring about the fairness of the world. Read More


Lenten Kindness ~ Day 34

Lent Day 34:  Try to lower your carbon footprint by not using a car today.  Walk, bike or take public transit. Read More


Lenten Kindness ~ Day 33

Lent Day 33:  Pray for the places in the world where there is conflict. Read More