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In the Stacks ~ Letting God

 CHRISTIAN MEDITATIONS FOR RECOVERY LETTING GOD, by Episcopal priest and counselor A. Philip Parham, was the first book to explore the themes of the Twelve-Step programs within the context of Christian tradition. ... Read More

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Please check to see if you can help

DONATIONS NEEDED – MEN’S JEANS, SWEATS: Men’s casual pants 30”-34” waist are urgently needed by our Emergency Clothing & Thrift Store! DONATIONS NEEDED – PILL BOTTLES: Our hygiene program needs pill bottles with... Read More

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In the Stacks ~ Small Pleasures

            FINDING GRACE IN A CHAOTIC WORLD Justine Toms writes with a marvellous simplicity, innocence and an open heart.  She writes of the simple things that make life rich and so worthwhile.  Her book is a... Read More

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In the Stacks ~ Glimpses of Grace

DAILY THOUGHTS AND REFLECTIONS  For half a century, Madeleine L’Engle has spun magic with words, touching millions of lives and earning a devoted readership through her award-winning fiction, candid reflections and... Read More