Lenten Kindness ~ Day 11

Lent Day 11:  Go online, learn about the United Church of Canada's partners in Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa and the Congo.  Hold them and their work in your prayers.... Read More


Lenten Kindness ~ Day 10

Lent Day 10:  Go for a walk today. Look at all the beauty of God’ creation.  Think about: “We are not alone, we live in God’s world.” Read More

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Have Mugs, Lego or Phones?

What do coffee mugs, telephones and Lego have in common?  Right now, all are particularly needed at First United Church in Vancouver’s downtown eastside. Coffee mugs are essential for serving warm beverages, but... Read More


Lenten Kindness ~ Day 9

Lent Day 9:  Use your very best manners!  Say "please", "thank you", and "sorry“. Read More


Acts of Lenten Kindness ~ gift tags

Have you been following our daily acts of Lenten Kindness?  There are several dates coming up in March in which you may be inspired to give a small item to someone else as an act of kindness.  To that end, we've... Read More


Lenten Kindness ~ Day 8

Lent Day 8:  What languages are most commonly spoken in our neighbourhood?  Learn to say "hello" in a few different languages. Read More


Lenten Kindness ~ Day 7

Lent Day 7:  Be a steward of creation.  Put items in the correct recycling and compost bins.  Help keep recyclables and biodegradable items out of our landfills! Read More


Lenten Kindness ~ Day 6

Lent Day 6:  Say something nice about someone behind their back. Read More


February 22, 2015

Knox United ≈ a Sacred Space 1st Sunday in Lent February 22, 2015 “The Season of Lent is a time when we are intentional about deepening and renewing our faith.  Historically, Lent has been a time for reconciliation... Read More


Lenten Kindness ~ Day 5

Lent Day 5: Write down five things you are thankful for. Read More