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Minute 4 Teams ~ Worship

The Worship Team has 5 lay members and 4 staff members.  For each service, all year long, there is careful planning based on the seasons of the church year, the lectionary, scripture, appropriate preludes,... Read More

Third sunday of easter

April 30, 2017

Knox United ≈ a Sacred Space Third Sunday of Easter    April 30, 2017   Resurrection terrifies because it shakes up the comfortable, natural order of things, and brings back to life what should be left dead.  What... Read More

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April 23, 2017

Today we welcome Rev. Janice Guthrie to the pulpit       Knox United ≈ a Sacred Space                Second Sunday of Easter        April 23, 2017    Resurrection terrifies because it shakes up the comfortable,... Read More

The bin

Thrift Sale Digest ~ April 23, 2017

Only 5 sleeps left until the Thrift Sale!  Woohoo! The storage bin never seems to fill up until the sale is close, but an empty bin gives the thrift sale coordinator grey hairs.  It’s true!  If you’ve got some... Read More

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Minute 4 Teams ~ Welcome & Communication

In the past year, the WELCOME and COMMUNICATION Team has completed a Knox Communication Strategy, which is now being used to guide and focus our internal and external communications at Knox. Some progress was made... Read More

Keep calm

Thrift Sale Digest – April 16, 2017

Only 13 sleeps left until the Thrift Sale! It feels like it sneaked up quickly this year, doesn’t it? The storage cupboard never seems to fill up until the sale date is getting close, but an empty cupboard gives the... Read More

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Guided Personal Reflection

 During Holy Week we set up stations in the Knox Sanctuary for personal meditation.  We wanted to offer the same sort of activity to our web community to do in their own time and space. Please download the attached... Read More

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Photo Album ~ Knox Leadership Retreat

Our Board and many leadership members of Knox's various Teams & Committees met on April 8th for a retreat.  We explored Knox's 3-year strategy and spoke at length about initiatives for the next 3 years.  Lots of... Read More

Happy easter

EASTER Sunday Worship Service 10 am

Knox United ≈ a Sacred Space                Easter Sunday with Communion          April 16, 2017      áPlease rise as you are able   +Please remain seated   Prelude: “Trumpet Voluntary” Jeremiah Clarke ... Read More

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Christ's Thorn

The Sidr tree, also known as, Jujube or Christ's Thorn is named after the very thorny brances that were woven into the crown placed on Jesus Christ's head before his crucifixion. It is a very ancient tree that is... Read More