September 10, 2017

September 10, 2017

Knox – A Sacred Space

Sunday, September 10, 2017

 ♫áRise as you are able.  ♫+Please remain seated

What is God Saying to Us?

God is saying  “Be awestruck before Creation”


Prelude:  “Recitative”  Francois Couperin


Greeting: The earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it, the world,

                  and those who live in it!  (Psalm 24:1)


Introducing the Season of Creation


Call to Worship:     Welcome Back Prayer p. 12

Gathering Hymn:   “The House of Our God”   (insert)

Opening Prayer:
O Spirit, you swept through the ages: be among us now to fill us with radical amazement at the wonder of creation and creativity.

Call to us that we may hear your voice in beauty, in witness, in song, and in prayer, and respond with all that we have to offer: body, mind, soul, and spirit.  

Whisper to us when we doubt your goodness and despair of hope in a world fraught with signs of destruction, that we may yet hear your still small voice. Amen.

♫áPraise Hymn: VU315

                             “Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty”

(The Bible and Christ Candle brought forward)

 Lighting the Candle of Global Concerns

 Prayer of Confession: Magnificent God, when we think of awe,
our mind stumbles. We are too busy for awe.  We know too much to be in awe. We are too jaded for awe.  We ignore the spiritual gift of awe.

 We feel awe, yes, before a mountain, a sparkling lake, a hummingbird.  We do not feel awe before the blessings of every day. (a moment for silent confession)

Prayer for Forgiveness: Forgive us, Magnificent One.

Help us to experience awe this week in washing dishes, in the pesky backyard squirrel, in our office colleagues and challenges, in an evening stroll.For we would be deeply faithful to you. Amen.

Words of Assurance:  

A Time for All Ages

♫+Children’s Hymn


Scripture:   Matthew: 6:25-34  Consider the lilies


Response:  For the word of God in scripture, for the word of God among us, for the word of God within us, thanks be to God!


Anthem: “One Step He Leads” Words and Music by Pepper Choplin


Meditative Music:    “Organum”   Denis Bedard

Invitation to the Offering Time

Joys, Concerns and Announcements


♫áDoxology: VU310  “God, Who Touches Earth with Beauty” (verse 1 )


VU311  “A Prayer for the Care of Creation” (spoken)


Prayers of the People

♫+Lord’s Prayer (sung): VU960

♫áClosing Hymn: VU380   “She Comes Sailing on the Wind”


Commissioning for Mission:

♫áSung Benediction:  VU356   “Seek Ye First the Kingdom” (verse 1)

Postlude:   “Processional in D”   Hal Hopson


            Prayer of Thanksgiving and Supplication

In a time of creation awareness we pause to give thanks for the wonders that surround us. We celebrate the blessings of Earth, nestled like a speck of dust in the great universe and at the same time home to life and beauty: from the amoeba to the antelope, from plankton to great whale, from newborn infant to wizened elder.

We lament the desecration of the sacred gifts: the impact we and our habits have on Earth and environment. We mourn the species now extinct from over hunting or loss of habitat. Move us to repent of our ways and live in harmony with Earth, our mother, and sun and moon, our sister and brother.

We give thanks for the breath of life, and pray that we may use our breath, our voices, and our lives to stand in solidarity with those places and peoples under threat or siege due to climate change or any other violence, which we name at this time… Strengthen us to keep solidarity.

Finally, we turn back to our own circles and community, rejoicing at the love of friends, family, and congregation and, at the same time, calling to mind all who cannot be in this circle today and those who are in any particular need, whom we name at this time…. Keep us in communion with the sick, the dying, and the bereaved.

Bless, O Holy One, our prayers and our intentions that they may be added to the mending of the world. Amen.


These prayers and this morning’s service is based on a resource entitled Awe Before Creation by Ralph Carl Wushke   Copyright 2010 The United Church of Canada/L’Eglise Unie du Canada; Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike Licence.  To view a copy of this license, visit:http://creative


At the time of publishing this resource, Ralph was servings in two half-time positions in Toronto: pastor at Bathurst Street United Church and Ecumenical Chaplain at U of T.  In his spare time, he was working on a D.Min. in eco-theology, ritual, and transformation.

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