Rev. Liz is Retiring

Rev. Liz is Retiring

Reverend Liz has shared with the congregation that she has advised B.C. Conference of her intent to retire as of November 30, 2017.

Her announcement was met with surprise, sadness, and encouragement as she looks forward to spending some well earned days of rest and freedom with her family and friends near and far.  

We had an opportunity at coffee time to share some of her plans and to thank her for her years as Minister to the Knox family. 

Knox has been blessed by her presence with us and the many ways she has encouraged our faith and our understanding of who we are and how we, as a Christian community, are called to respond to the challenges of a changing world and the varied needs of our neighbours.

There will be many ways of showing our gratitude to Liz in the weeks ahead as we work together with B.C. Conference to search for a minister, who will lead us to achieve the ministries we have all worked so hard to define in our Mission Statement.

Liz, you can be assured that our prayers and encouragement will support you as you set out on your new journey.

 Blessings from the Board and all your Knox Family