Lent 4 ~ Anger

Lent 4 ~ Anger

The Music and Theme for  Lent 4 -ANGER

This week, March 11, 2018,  our music doesn’t really fit into a specific genre.  Rather, the music is chosen to fit into the theme/emotion of ANGER. 

As you sing the various hymns take particular note of the words.  "O God, Why Are You Silent?" (MV73), is a hymn of lament and healing, sung to the well known, Passion Chorale, composed by Hassler and arranged by Bach. 

"God Weeps” (MV78),  is a Murray/Strathdee hymn about God weeping over the many injustices of the world.

"Jesus Christ is Waiting" (VU117), a Lenten hymn, speaks of Jesus waiting, raging, healing, dancing, and calling - calling for us to join in the journey.

The anthem, "I Choose Love", with text by Lindy Thompson and music by Mark A. Miller, is an anthem which has become a favourite for the Knox choir this year.  It was an obvious choice to respond to the theme of anger.  This incredible piece of music was written as a response to the tragic events at Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, in Charleston, NC.  A white supremacist killed nine African Americans, on June 17, 2015, during a prayer service.  It is one of the largest mass shootings in a house of worship.  The music is a testament to the power of forgiveness and peace.  Not specifically a sacred composition, this music is being performed by high school, college, community choirs, and church choirs alike. 

Listen to a snippet of "I Choose Love"