Advent Peace Box 2017

The United Church of Canada is striving to involve all generations in becoming a justice-seeking church.  Throughout Advent, Knox is supporting peace in Palestine and Israel through reflection and by supporting the United Church's Unsettling Goods campaign Advent Peace Box.

Israeli settlements are segregated enclaves built for Israeli Jews on Palestinian land in the West Bank.  After the Six-Day War of June 1967, Israel occupied East Jerusalem and the West Bank.  It eventually annexed East Jerusalem, claiming it as part of the state of Israel, although no country recognizes this annexation.

Since 1967, 27,000 Palestinian structures have been demolished, and over two million olive trees lost to farmers due to the separation wall between Israel and the West Bank.  Israeli settlements continue to grow, but are a violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention and are an obstacle to a just and lasting peace in the region.

June 2017 marked 50 years since the end of the Six-Day War and the beginning of Israeli military occupation in the West Bank. The occupation continues to stifle the aspirations of Palestinians for freedom, dignity, and independence, and to threaten hopes for peace with justice for all people in the region. Using the Advent Peace Box is one small way that we answer the call to unity in action and costly solidarity for a just peace.

How can we help?  We can pray for peace and justice in the region.  We can avoid goods produced illegally in occupied territories, and choose to support farmers whose families have farmed in the region for centuries.  And we can continue to learn about the issue by attending talks, vigils and worship services focused on the subject. 

Knox's Advent worship services are held Sunday mornings at 10 AM.  Following worship, goods from the Advent Peace Box will be sold:  Olive Oil, herbs and soap.  Please join us to learn more and to support the Unsettling Goods Campaign or visit to learn more.