Mid Summer Meal ~ PHOTO Album

On July 29th the Knox Gym was alive with smiles, hugs and symbols.

What a special opportunity to come together after perhaps not seeing each other for a few weeks and work on the draft covenant that will guide us through our upcoming construction period. Everyone had a chance to ADD to the covenant, tell us what they would prefer to LOSE and identify what for them absolutely had to STAY in.

Each group choose colours from the Knox logo to dress in  - as you can see BLUE was a big Favourite!

Guests helped with symbols by making Jesus Fish  <><  out of pipe cleaners and beads and were soon joined by the table groups.  The creativity was very entertaining.

The Mid Summer Meal was a Progressive Dinner with each of the Knox teams pitching in to bring one of the courses. As each course was presented so was a line from the draft covenant that best represented the team.

After the progressive dinner,  each team brought forward a symbol that had special significance for them, told the group what it meant and placed it in a basket lined with the symbolic foundational Jesus fish.

Check it out!



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