Fall Worship Theme: Creation Time

Fall Worship Theme:  Creation Time

Here is some background on what Rev. Liz and the Worship Team have planned around for our Fall Theme.


The Liturgical Colour Orange

Although it feels as if we are introducing a new liturgical colour, we may envision Creation Time and its colour orange not as the next new flavour in public worship, but as an important recapturing of an ancient Christian liturgical way of being that we have lost.


Orange was:

• the Early Christian colour for confessors, monastics, and matrons

• worn in some Russian churches during summer fasts; in Western rites, some mainline Protestant churches propose orange as a colour for fall

• some Orthodox Churches use scarlet, orange, or rust



• symbolic of endurance and strength

• colour of fire and flame

• the red of passion tempered by the yellow of wisdom

• colour of harvest, fruitfulness, joy

• colour of positive energy

• colour of change

• mentally stimulating

• very easy to see

• a bridge between two opposing factors: heat of summer and cool of winter

• adventurous, confident colour

• said to be the colour of excitement

• a sociable colour reflecting warmth and cheerful feelings

• nature’s “last burst of life” before the dormancy of winter

• psychologists have found that showing the colour orange to people has a positive effect on hormone levels

• a colour of healthy produce that intensifies when cooked



• God comes to be seen, known, and experienced in the midst of all of creation, rather than only within human history

• Creation Time looks at our deep and rightful connection with nature


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