Rainbow promise

Isaiah 2: 2-5 and Matthew 24: 36-44

Introduction to the Readings: first Sunday in the season of Advent Our first reading this morning comes to us from the voice of the prophet, Isaiah,a man thought to have been telling the truth to a community of folk clinging to these words speaking a promise of hope in the middle of turbulent times.  Listen for... Read More

Stewardship sunday

Choice Conversations

This morning’s stories from scripture are all about choosing to do what is ‘necessary’ and what is ‘right’.  In  the Genesis reading,  Abraham and Sarah choose to offer a ministry of hospitality to strangers out of what they have and what they are.  In the Luke reading, Mary and Martha choose to respond to Jesus’... Read More

Mary and martha

Genesis 18: 1-10a and Luke 10: 38-42

Introductions to the Readings for the Twenty-Seventh Sunday after Pentecost,November 20, 2016 On the occasion of Stewardship Sunday, we listen with care for God’s Word for our lives as we hear two stories about the ministry of hospitality.  We begin with a story from the eighteenth chapter of Genesis, verses... Read More

Lion and lamb heart

Message ~ The Lion and The Lamb

Message for the twenty sixth Sunday after Pentecost, November 13, 2016. Based on: Isaiah 65, verses 17-25 “God shall create joy and delight; the wolf and the lamb will lie down together” And Luke 21: 5-19 “Persecution in the days to come, trust God!”   Opening Prayer: Holy One, may the words on my lips and the... Read More

Isaiah 65: 17-25 and Luke 21: 5-19

Introductions to the Readings for the twenty-sixth Sunday after Pentecost                                                                      Both readings this morning invite listeners to live into the hope and trust of God’s abiding presence, especially in the times of trial and tumult.  Listen again to these... Read More

20161106 114037

Remembrance Sunday Photos

A small album of photos taken around Knox this week.   Enjoy! Read More

Greeters in training

Greeter Training

We asked folks to consider being a greeter to help us during the fall as we have more visitors than usual.  And were delighted with the nice turnout at the  orientation session after the service. Thank you all for taking the training and making everyone feel WELCOME! Read More

2013 05 04 13.23.08

Sermon Letter for Remembrance Sunday

Based on Micah 4: 1-4 and John 14: 23-27 Dear Sir/Madam, | am writing this letter in the hopes that you might be able to forward it to the family of the prophet, Micah. It's my understanding that Micah, like his contemporaries,  Amos, Hosea, and Isaiah was thought to have offered his ministry of preaching and... Read More

Micah 4: 1-4 and John 14: 23-27

Introduction to the Readings for Remembrance Sunday Our passage from Hebrew Scriptures comes to us today from the voice of the Prophet, Micah.  Scholars believe that Micah lived some 800 years before the birth of Jesus.  Let us listen as Micah speaks a word of truth for the people of Judah:  Reading from the Book... Read More

Sandwich 2016 8

Sandwich Making Ministry

On the fourth Thursday morning of each month, a small group gathers in the Knox Fellowship Centre Louge at 9:30 am to make sandwiches for First United Church in the downtown eastside.  Everyone gets busy, and one hour later, 100 sandwiches are ready to be driven to First United.  It's a production line that must... Read More