All saints homily

Homily for All Saints’ Sunday

Based on The Beatitudes found at Matthew 5: 1-12 All Saints Sunday here at Knox is one of my most favourite Sundays in all of the church calendar year. For me, there is nothing more meaningful than to gather with friends, family, and neighbours alike to bear witness through candle lighting, music, and prayer and... Read More

The beatitudes

Matthew 5: 1-12 ‘The Beatitudes’

         Introduction to the readings for  All Saints’ Sunday, October 29, 2017 Our reading this morning come from the author of the gospel of according to Matthew. The context is Jesus’ first teaching of the Sermon on the Mount.  Listen with care to how these words speak to you for how your own life has been... Read More

Psalms   rock bible

A Few Words About the Psalms

This morning our readings, prayers, and hymns all speak to the strength and power of relationships with and through God and one another. They speak of relationships that ebb and flow with life’s circumstances and they speak of how our relationships with God can be tested and found to be solid and enduring. We... Read More

Love god love people

Psalm 119: 105-112; Ruth 1: 1-5; & Mark 12: 28-34

Anticipating scripture, we begin with a sung adaptation of verses 105-112 of Psalm 119, a psalm of trust in being guided by God’s life giving word. MV 108 (based on Psalm 119: 105-112) Our first reading this morning introduces us to a story about personal loss and vulnerability, famine, dislocation, death, and... Read More

Creation paradox

Reflection ~ October 15, 2017

Based on: Exodus 3: 1-5 Moses and the Burning Bush Opening Prayer:  Holy, gracious, and amazing God, may the words on my lips and the thoughts and feelings we carry as we reflect on your Word for us from scripture this day, may all of it be acceptable in your sight.  Amen. When I first settled on this morning’s... Read More

Moses and the burning bush

Exodus 3 : 1-5

Our reading this morning is a familiar one and therein lies its danger. Listen with fresh ears to hear what new thing you might learn on the occasion of our last in a series of worship services focusing on Good’s good Creation.  Is what is on offer here a test or is it a miracle? Is it a challenge or an... Read More

Tc 23

Emmet Cahill Concert - Gratitude

What a wonderful event it was on October 3 with the personable Emmet Cahill and accompanist, Seamus Brett, in our midst.  We welcomed almost 250 people into the sanctuary for a delightful concert of Irish tunes, theatre music and hymns.  The choir also performed admirably.  Thank you to all those who came out and... Read More

World communion b

Reflection on World Communion Sunday

Based on Exodus 17: 1-7 May the words on my lips and the thoughts and feelings we hold in response to your Word for us from scripture be acceptable in your sight, O God, our Rock and our Redeemer.  Amen. “Is the Lord with us our not?” This is a question worthy of our consideration each and every day living as we... Read More

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A beautiful day, sun streaming into the sanctuary, smiling faces and very talented people sharing their gifts ~ that was Sunday afternoon.  The combined choirs of Knox United & Vancouver Singers got together to practise their opening act and background singing for the EMMET CAHILL Concert taking place at Knox... Read More

Sea monster

Homily for Covenanting Sunday

Based on Psalm 104, Part Two Opening Prayer:  May the words on my lips and our reflections on your word for us this day be acceptable in your sight, dear God, our Rock and our Redeemer.  Amen I love the grand sweep of images in this morning’s reading!  For me, the reading lifts up hopeful and powerful images of... Read More