Reflection ~ April 12, 2015

Readings: John 20: 19-31 & Acts 4:  32-35 Let me begin with a confession: I don’t know what that first Easter event looked like! I don’t know what happened, but I’m sure something amazing happened. I’m always struck by the way the stories are told. None of Jesus’ friends, who knew him well and travelled with... Read More


Reflection ~ Easter Sunday

Opening Prayer:  O God, may the words from my lips give us pause for our reflection on the good news of Easter this day.  Amen. “Joy comes with the dawn, joy comes with the morning sun, joy springs from the tomb and scatters the night with her song, joy comes with the dawn….”! After worship today, it is possible... Read More


Prayers for Healing

Written by Ted Loder GUERRILLAS OF GRACE Prayers for the Battle   Prayers for Healing O God, it is hard for me to let go,      most times, and the squeeze I exert      garbles me and gnarls others.  So, loosen my grip a bit      on the good times,             on the moments of sunlight and star shine and joy,... Read More


What is Good About Good Friday?

Originally named God’s Friday, the term Good Friday is thought to have come about in the same way as goodbye has its roots in the phrase “God be with you”. The question begs itself though, is the best adjective for this day “GOOD”?  Perhaps  IGNORED or FORSAKEN FRIDAY might better describe this day for Christians... Read More


Reflection on Readings Palm Sunday ~ March 29, 2015

A reading from the fiftieth chapter of the book of Isaiah, verses 4-9.  The Servant “I gave my back to those who struck me, and my cheeks…” ….insert the reading here….. Our responsive Psalm, 118, is found at VU p. 837.  We will be reading responsively Parts One, Three, and Four with no refrain: “The stone the... Read More


Reflection Lent V ~ March 22, 2015

Based on John 12: 20-33 and Jeremiah 31: 31-34 “Quote: Our prayers and our worship make it easier for God to work in the world” George Hermanson, as found on David Ewart’s blog at  Opening Prayer: Holy, gracious, and astounding God, we ask your blessing on our time of reflection as we struggle to... Read More

Readings ~ March 22, 2015

Introduction to the readings for the fifth Sunday in the season of Lent, March 22, 2015 This morning, our scripture readings invite to discern God’s call for how our individual lives and our shared life as a faith community might look different than it does today.   We begin with a reading from the thirty first... Read More

Numbers of hope

Reflection for Lent IV ~ March 15, 2015

Based on Numbers 21: 4-9 “A bronze serpent heals the people” and    John 3: 14-21 “We are not saved by our own doing, but by grace” Opening Prayer: Dear God, may we know the healing balm of your steadfast love as we reflect together on what it means to follow Jesus in a world where the smug seduction of our... Read More

Readings ~ March 15, 2015

Numbers 21: 4-9            Today's reading from torah is a very peculiar story from the book of Numbers.  The people of Israel have been in the wilderness for a long time, complaining all the while and wanting to go back to Egypt.  At this point, their journey is made even longer, because the king of Edom won't... Read More


Message for Lent III ~ March 8, 2015

Based on the readings from: Exodus 20: verses 1-17 “The Ten Commandments” and John, Chapter 2, verses 13-22 “Jesus clears the Temple” Each week of the Lenten season for this calendar year, our readings from the Hebrew Scriptures have lifted up God’s covenant, God’s promise to be in relationship with God’s people. ... Read More