Reflection ~ January 11, 2014

Reflection for Baptism of Jesus Sunday, Epiphany 2, January 11, 2015 Based on Genesis 1: 1-4, Psalm 29, and Mark 1: 4-11 Opening Prayer: God of Light and of Love, help us discern new shades of meaning for our lives as we reflect anew together on the story of Jesus’ baptism in the muddy waters of the Jordan River. ... Read More


Prayers ~ January 7, 2014

A Prayer for All Affected by Paris Shooting   Gracious God, By the light of faith, lead us to seek comfort, compassion, and peace, in the face of escalating violence around the world.   As we read news reports describing the horrifying situations in Paris, we offer our heartfelt prayers for those who were injured... Read More

Readings ~ January 4, 2015

Introduction to the readings for the first Sunday in Epiphany, January 4, 2015 Our readings this morning speak to the surprising ways in which God manifests  Godself to all sorts of people. In our first reading from the Hebrew text, listen as the prophet Isaiah speaks to a dismayed and discouraged people returned... Read More


Message ~ January 4, 2015

 ****Please download the PDF attached to the end of this Message for the powerpoint presentation that we used for our service on January 4, 2015**   Message for the first Sunday in Epiphany, January 4, 2015 Based on Isaiah 60: 1-6 and Matthew 2: 1-12 For the people at Knox United Church, Vancouver, B.C. Opening... Read More

Lessons, Prayers & Thoughts~ Dec 21/14

Sunday December 21, 2014, Advent Four Lessons and Carols Selection of prayers and related thoughts                                      A PRAYER FOR THE WINTER SOLSTICE: read responsively  Bright star of David, light our path this winter solstice.  Guiding north star, radiance of sun and moon and stars, Keeper... Read More

Prayers ~December 14,2014 Advent III

Pastoral Prayers for Justice, Healing, Compassion, Food, Peace, and Joy:  Advent III, 2014   Jesus Christ, Son of God, Light of the world, hear us as we begin our pastoral prayers this day singing together: ‘May we but wait upon Love’s word, knowing our prayer is heard’ (sung twice)   Dear God, in this season of... Read More

Message~December 14,2014 Advent III

Based on Isaiah 61: 1-4; 8-11 The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, Psalm 126 We’ll sing the song of joy, and John, verses 6-8; 19-28 John testified to the light Offered to the people of Knox United Church, Vancouver, B.C. Opening Prayer:  God of grace and God of glory, may our reflection on your holy word for us... Read More

Readings~December 14,2014 JOY

Introduction to the readings for Advent Three, Joy, December 14, 2014 Today’s scriptures blend together overlapping images of great expectation and joy holding them against the light of the reality of daily life.  The readings call us to REJOICE-that is, to affirm our confidence in God’s abundant presence and to... Read More

Letters to God~December 7, 2014~Peace

Letter to God,  Advent II, December 7, 2014 Theme:  Peace Focus: The Holy Land Dearest God, What a relief it would be ‘“if anger and hate were to be washed away” and peace be possible’!  What a relief it would be “if mercy and faithfulness were to meet and justice and peace prevail” just as we recited in unison... Read More

Readings ~ December 7, 2014 Advent II

Introduction to the readings for Advent Two, Peace,  December 7, 2014 Our readings from scripture today provide a rich a contrast in images.  First, from Isaiah, we have a beautiful picture of the everlasting nature of God’s word woven into a message of consolation for his listeners; a community of folks coming to... Read More