Readings ~ May 17, 2015

Introduction to the readings for the seventh Sunday in the season of Easter, May 17, 2015 Over the last seven weeks, our readings from the Acts of the Apostles have taken us on quite a journey. Having travelled together the forty days since Jesus’ death on the cross, we have re-visited a number of resurrection... Read More


There Be A Dragon

There Be a Dragon by Janice MacLean | May 2015  The Prayer Bench I saw a fire hydrant pushed off its base in my walk. I think a dragon did it. Dragons don’t like water, right? It’s an insult to their dragon fire. I’m looking for dragons, along with others from Stroll for Your Soul. Brian Swimme says the universe... Read More


Reflection ~ May 10, 2015

Based on Acts 10: 44-48 and John 15: 9-17 Opening Prayer: Faithful God, make our hearts bold with love for one another. Pour out your Spirit upon all people, that we may live your justice and sing a new song in your name. Amen. Yesterday morning on the CBC news channel I watched an interesting interview with our... Read More


A Prayer for Nepal

God of Creation, We live in a world where both beauty and danger are found. Hear our prayers for those who have been overcome by the disastrous earthquake in Nepal. For all who are grieving the death of loved ones ... For all who are in need of healing … For all who are troubled with confusion ... For all who are... Read More


Reflection ~ April 26, 2015

Reflection for the fourth Sunday in Easter, 2015 Based on: Acts 4: 5-12 and John 10: 11-18 Given by:  Liz Bowyer With the people at Knox United Church, Vancouver, B.C. Opening Prayer:  God of grace and God of glory, may the words on my lips and the meditations of our hearts and minds be acceptable in your sight... Read More

Readings ~ April 26, 2015

Introduction to the readings for the fourth Sunday in the season of Easter, April 26, 2015 This morning our first reading from scripture picks up the threads of the story we heard last week taken from the third chapter of the book of Acts.  Some of you might remember last week how we heard how the disciples, Peter... Read More


Message ~ April 19, 2015

Everything Old is New Again The third Sunday in the season of Easter Based on the readings from: Acts 3: 12-19  “Peter explains the power of healing a crippled man” And Luke, Chapter 24, verses 36b-48 “Jesus appears and promises ‘Peace be with you’” Opening Prayer: May the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Moses... Read More

Readings ~ April 19, 2015

Introduction to the readings- the third Sunday in the season of Easter All during the season of Easter, our scripture readings bring us glimpses of how life was for the next couple of generations who followed on after Jesus had walked the earth.  Just as they brought their whole selves to the project of being the... Read More

Readings ~ April 12, 2015

Acts 4:32-35  Our first reading shows the early Christian Church modelling the Realm of God with joy and unity, truly living according to the teachings of Jesus…his parables and his Way. Imagine a world like this! Imagine a church like this! Let us listen, and may God speak to us.   Now the whole group of those... Read More


Prayers for Our World

Holy God, we come to you with thankful hearts. In the turning of the seasons you show us your will for the renewal of all life, and we glimpse resurrection. Relationships challenged, and in time, restored, give us hope that new life is even possible for we humans, with our strong wills and anxious hearts. Through... Read More