1 Kings 19:1-13

Introduction to the Readings for September 17, 2017 1 Kings 19:1-13 It’s an understatement to say Jezebel is not pleased with the recent actions of the prophet Elijah.  Elijah has been on a righteous rampage, one might say, and Jezebel strikes fear into him — enough that he’s on the run, seeking some safe place... Read More

Camas lillies l

Reflection ~ September 10, 2017

Based on Matthew 6: 24-33 When I was approaching this morning’s readings from Matthew’s gospel from a prayerful perspective, I came across a poem I received when I attended the Bethlehem Retreat Center near Nanaimo earlier this summer.   It was a poem my spiritual director suggested I read after she encouraged me... Read More

Stargazer lily

Matthew 6: 25-33

Introductions to the readings for Creation Sunday May Jesus’ words of promise first offered so long ago to a hungry and hopeful people gathered on a mountaintop be food for thought for us gathered here this day: A reading from Chapter 6, verses 25-33 Consider the lilies “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about... Read More

Ss  1

Summer Spirit Photos

It has been our sincere pleasure to host Summer Spirit these last two weeks.  Such wonderful and inspiring Services and delicious Lunch with Yummy Dessert! Check out the pics and see the smiles!  We are glad you're here neighbours! Read More

Small things

Message ~ August 27, 2017

Based on Matthew 25: 31-46 For: The Summer Spirit Congregation gathered at Knox United Church. May the peace of Christ which passes all understanding, be with you all.  And, also with you. Let us pray: May the words on my lips and the meditations of all our hearts be acceptable in your sight this day, amen.   At a... Read More

Linnea gwfi

Jesus When Did I See You? - Linnea Good

"Jesus, when did I see you hungry? When did I see you scared? When did I see you lonely? Forgotten, Forsaken? I woulda helped you." On their musical pilgrimage to the Christian Medical College Hospital of Vellore, India, Linnea Good, David Jonsson and Nicole Jonsson-Good shared song and story with the... Read More

You did it for me

Matthew 25: 31-46

Introduction to the readings for Summer Spirit Sunday at Knox, August 27, 2017 Our good news this morning comes to us from the final chapter of Matthew’s gospel with Jesus’ final public teaching.  Here, Jesus offers his farewell instructions to those gathered together one last time with him before he faces his... Read More

Jesus fish

Jesus Fish <><

The Jesus fish is a well recognized symbol consisting of two curved lines that resemble the image of a fish. The symbol is also known as an Ichthys (coming from the ancient Greek word for fish). IXИYУ is an acronym coming from the first letter of words that mean “Jesus Christ God’s Son is Savior.” Those words are:... Read More

Covenant pic

What Is a Covenant?

The term "covenant" is of Latin origin (con venire), meaning a coming together. The word "covenant, " is infrequently heard in conversation, but is quite commonly used in legal, social, and religious and theological contexts.   It presupposes two or more parties who come together to make a contract, agreeing on... Read More

Bc wild fires

Prayer for All Impacted by Wildfires

God of Creation,We live in a world where both beauty and danger surround us. Receive our prayers for those impacted by, and living in fear of, the wildfires across the interior of British Columbia:     for all who cannot find adequate food, safety, or shelter…     for all who have lost their homes, churches,... Read More