Emmet Cahill Concert - Gratitude

What a wonderful event it was on October 3 with the personable Emmet Cahill and accompanist, Seamus Brett, in our midst.  We welcomed almost 250 people into the sanctuary for a delightful concert of Irish tunes, theatre music and hymns.  The choir also performed admirably.  Thank you to all those who came out and supported this fund raiser.

Huge shout - out to photographer

Tracy-Lynn Chernaske for 

taking the photos in this album

BIG BIG THANKS to everyone who organized / advertised / worked at / greeted at / performed at the Emmet Cahill concert this past week.  A particularly big shout-out to Colleen, Debra, and Madelene for all the planning, rehearsal, and communication work done to make the event a runaway success.  Thank you, Sharon B, for helping spread the word among local churches.  And finally, a special thank you to anyone who bought a ticket!  Your contributions to Knox's life and work are so appreciated.