Biblical worldview

Biblical Worldview ?

How does our current understanding of cosmology fit into the Biblical worldview? Do you believe there is such thing as a “Biblical worldview”?   If anything, there are Biblical worldviews. There are social, cultural, and political contexts underlying what is written in the Bible. There are a number of Biblical... Read More


What's the Difference between Knowing and Believing?

The “argument from morality” states that since moral normativity exists, God must exist, as God is the best explanation for moral normativity. What are your thoughts on this?   Atheists would argue against that. Atheists would say that there is a sense of right and wrong, which is basically what we were talking... Read More

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On the Spectrum of Subjectivity and Objectivity

[The following is an excerpt of a fascinating interview with the Rev. Janice Guthrie, who presided over worship at Knox in August. The interview will be broken into four parts. The following is the second of the four.] If knowledge is subjective, what (if anything) is objective? There’s a big controversy in the... Read More


Message ~ The Reign of God

The Gospel of John was one of the last gospels to be written. There are some people who think Luke may have been a bit later, but mostly scholars for the last several years have thought that John was the last. It’s quite different to Matthew, Mark, and Luke if you compare them. There are far fewer stories that... Read More


Message ~ The Bread of Life

This is the third week in a row that we’ve been looking at the sixth chapter of John’s gospel. Next week the text is also from John, and the week after that as well. There’s a lot in this chapter. It’s said in the context of Passover in two ways. First, we know from earlier in the gospel that it is getting to be... Read More